LaPierre Ballroom Dance Studio

has been created to be more than just a place to dance.  It is a supportive, open and friendly environment for anyone who wants to discover their possibilities through dance.  If you are new to dancing, took some classes a while ago or are an old pro, we are committed to helping you continue your dance education that exceeds your expectations.  So come have fun, expand your dance horizons and self-expression while improving your health and well-being. 
In order to provide our clients with quality dance instructions, we have carefully selected and trained each of our staff members. The instructors work with you to reach your personal dancing aspirations in the course of individualized teaching utilizing the latest dance styles and techniques. 

Let Gene LaPierre's 20 years experience as a private dance instructor show you the way in a fun and friendly environment.

Dance is a great way to relieve stress, build social confidence and contributes to an overall well-being. Our instructors provide guidance and support as you work towards your personal goal in a friendly environment. We offer both one-on-one and group lessons.

Joining us as a newcomer or with prior dance experience? We'll develop a plan that provides an alternative to the same old gym experience right up to competition level. Build confidence, poise and grace that will make you the one at clubs, office parties or on the ballroom dance floor.

Who knew you could expand your dance horizons and self-expression while improving your health and well-being? We did, now you do too!


111 East High Street

Glassboro NJ, 08028



​M-F: 11am - 9pm
Saturday: 10am-2pm 
Sunday: Closed
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