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Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! As you embark on your journey as husband and wife, the day will be filled with many cherished memories. Your wedding day is a monumental moment in which every detail is labored over until perfection is achieved. The couples' first dance as husband and wife should be no different. Gone are the days when the bride and groom walk to the dance floor looking embarrassed and not knowing what to do. It can feel like an eternity, for them and their guests. Thanks to the internet and YouTube, your first dance is not only shared with your friends and family, but with the world.

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"My fiancé and I had such a great experience at La Pierre!! We practiced our first dance along with other dance moves. We did private lessons and group classes. Our parents also joined in on the fun, so we practiced our parent dances as well! We worked with Jonathan, Crystal, and Jason. All excellent, fun to work with, and very talented individuals. Scheduling was very flexible, which was super helpful for our crazy schedules before the wedding!!"

-Morgan E.    Reviewed on 11/18/2023

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"One of the best decisions that we made was getting dance lessons for our first dance at LaPierre. The lessons were something to look forward to each week, and the final result was absolutely stunning. Krystal choreographed our dance, and made it obtainable (for two people who naturally have two left feet!), but still packed it with flare, excellent photo ops, and sweet moments to enjoy. I cannot thank LaPierre and Krystal enough. Our dance is one of my favorite memories from our wedding. If you are considering dance lessons, I cannot recommend LaPierre enough!"

-Amber E.        Reviewed on 11/13/2023

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