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Waltz is the oldest of the current ballroom dances dating back to the 13th century. Waltz was a peasant dance that originated in the location of today's Germany and Austria. Other countries immediately picked it up and created their own form and style of the dance. As it became more popular and found its way into the upper class, not everyone was a fan; although it was popular in Vienna and became huge in British society during the Regency Period. In 1816, Thomas Wilson published a dance manual called, "A Description of the Correct Way of Waltzing." Over time, the Waltz became more popular and many different styles of Waltz came to fruition. Such as Country Waltz and International Standard Waltz. The original Waltz closer resembles what we now call, "Viennese Waltz" more than what we now call just a regular, slow, "Waltz". Making slow Waltz a child of Viennese Waltz.

Check out this awesome performance by one of our students!

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